With events and restrictions constantly changing in every country, our priority is to ensure that you can first, book your holiday in Gialova with confidence, and second, enjoy the best and safest holiday experience.

So if you’re currently deciding whether to book at Gialova Gardens you can relax in the knowledge that we’ll offer you maximum cleaning and support.

In view of the current uncertainty, we guarantee free cancellation in the event of a Covid-19 emergency.


What’s included in the cancellation policy?

For all our bungalows and villas, if your holiday is unable to go ahead due to a local lockdown or an enforced quarantine period (when you are not allowed to travel to Greece) , the following conditions will apply:

  • Up to 30 days prior to arrival: full refund
  • Within 30 days of arrival: credit voucher for the coming 18 months

Important notice: if you are allowed to travel to Greece (airports are open and airlines are flying) we expect you to come.